Wednesday, January 2, 2013

the real big-boy-bed

To start: Ocala has a really incredible walk-through-Bethlehem done by the Good Shepard Presbyterian Church.  It was huge, with beautiful costumes & design.  Lots of animals, great build up to finding the baby Jesus in the manger.  James was seriously, dedicated to finding baby Jesus and just cruised through the rest like it wasn't worthy of attention... haha.  When he finally found him, he was so proud&excited.  It was precious- then of course as we all do, we moved on & isn't that profound?  How do we cling to that elation & joy in the finding of the babe - the anticipation of his glorious gift to us?  How blessed are we to celebrate the baby sleeping under the stars he made.

(side note: FAV Christmas book this year was by Sally Lloyd-Jones called 'Song of the Stars: A Christmas Story - what a blessing this book was/is to me as I watch my almost 3 year old flipping the pages, saying, "It's time, It's time!"  He's here, He's come.  so sweet)

While on this trip to Ocala for this visit- My parents were able to find a great deal on a twin bed set for James' room.  We will be doing the shuffle down for our new little man - James has to pass his toddler bed & Hayden has to pass the crib.  We have been on the HUNT for a chest of drawers & twin bed for his room, and so happy to say, the search is over!

Little helper James doing everything he can to help Daddy with the bed.  haha

Hilariously flopping down on the mattress was his first inclination.  Next, him helping Daddy 'carry' it to the bed frame... wow! haha  Next order of business was to grab his pillow & blanket and tuck himself in.  seriously.  I love this boy- he cracks me up!

All my guys in the new 'big boy bed'

He was so proud- he has showed his new bed to everyone that has visited our house since we've put it up.  This usually entails screaming & running up the stairs in a frenzy to hurl himself onto the bed.  I would say he has a passionate personality. ;-)

The finished product actually made & set (without a boy being made up already in it).  Thanks again Mom&Dad.  You hit a home run.

Now for keeping him from looking out his window when he's supposed to be napping.... haha

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