Friday, January 25, 2013

Birthday Boy.

Our 3 year old boy.  Who asks for pancakes for breakfast & got a special one that morning from Daddy!

James' birthday was a Sunday, so we got to go to church & enjoy that together.  Came home & James asked for a lunch outside (?!) haha, which we did!  Set up the table & had our hot dogs & cheese burgers outside together.

Of course had to drive the Jeep for a few minutes while Mom was getting lunch ready... then sweet nap time which I am savoring until it's gone!

Matt&I thought James would enjoy going go-carting for his birthday since we had a race car party, so we did!  You have to be 3 & 36 in tall (which he is above).  A big thumbs up from my little race car driver who did tell Daddy to slow down while they were racing... ;-)

Hayden had a hard time being left out on this one.  Such a sweet, grumpy face.

 We went to the go carts out at the beaches (which I wouldn't recommend), and followed it up by beach time & dinner.  My boys just RAN.  Seriously, we didn't do anything except chase them down the beach & back to the car.  Glorious freedom!!

Happy 3rd Birthday James buddy.  You light up my life & I'll never know how blessed I am to have you in it.  But I know who to thank,  Thank you Lord for my boy.  He is a gift.

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