Wednesday, January 9, 2013

on the fourth day of Christmas...

my true love gave to me... the Au-stin fa-mi-ly!!

Grammy & Papa got to come up for a little one-on-one time on Christmas day (when does that ever happen?!? Such a sweet time).  James was the gift-opener-wrapping paper-destroyer & Hayden just was having fun.  Gifts? oh yeah, haha.

Our gifts to them...

My mom gave Hayden the Thomas helipad which is sentimental for us- Grammy's Daddy flew on helicopters during the Vietnam War & founded the first 'life flight' program in the continental US at The Ohio State University.  Their helipad at their hospital bears his name &  Love you Grandpa Stu.

Aunt Christina & Uncle Paul were able to join us for our Christmas Dinner - They gave James his 'Knight in Shining Armor' costume which has come in handy already... haha.  Poor Uncle Paul is recovering from his broken foot & will forever be chastised about his 'hopping' around the house.  ;-)  It was so nice to see them as we don't have the pleasure often!

Post-dinner bike ride.  Gotta love the bow!

 Hayden's big cheese.  Precious little fella.

Uncle Paul made a bit hit with the boys by playing piano...

and by singing & playing guitar which the boys LOVE.  James is backing him up on the harmonica.  I am not allowed to sing James the 'I'm bringing home a baby bumble bee' song because that's the one Uncle Paul sings... True. haha, and you should have heard me try to play guitar for the first time in (uuummm) 7 or 8 years?  yikes.  It wasn't good before... haha!  I may be forced to pick it back up.

Eating breakfast at the big boys' table.

Aunt Michelle, Aunt Darcy, Corrie & Madeline all came to stay as well.  Boy did we have fun playing together.  The pictures taken significantly decreased when the action increases... haha!  Love the little girls.

They showed James how to ride his bike too- we've already seen a vast improvement in his balance and stunt skillz.

LOVE our new jackets from Grammy&Papa!!  and our side walk chalk from Mr. Hunter. ;-)

Great chance for some fresh air & good old fun.

Thanks everybody for coming - celebrating Christmas with us - loving on our boys - and making memories.  Love that we had a week of Christmas!  Love that we had some time just to enjoy each other without too much stress. ;-)  Christmas 2012~

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