Wednesday, January 2, 2013

on the first day of Christmas...

a surprise fa-mi-l-y par-ty!  

Matt was on call this year for the weekend before Christmas & Christmas itself, which made it tough to find ways to see all our family.  It was tough because they all had to some see us!  Glad we moved close this year & that everyone was so willing to make the trip.  It was really a sweet thing to celebrate with our whole family & celebrate Christmas for at least a week, haha.

THIS is the one Prose tradition that continues for all family gatherings...  I love catching them.

My little man, the only one that I could get to stop & smile.  He had plenty to share that day- what a thrill it was for him to open gifts this year.  haha, almost more in the action than necessarily the gift!

Hayden making everyone wear the fireman's helmet.  sweetness.

The perfect action shot for the day:  post-family pictures.  post-Christmas dinner.  pre-gift unwrapping explosion.

One of the most memorable gifts this year: Proses gave each of their boys a special memorial encouragement from their Pop pop & a tractor to celebrate him.  His great-grandsons sure did love playing with this tractors all afternoon & having their own 'day at the pit'.  Legacy.

After pie.  James wearing new jammies made by Aunt Natassja over his clothes.  All boys gathered around the new tool box set freshly opened.  Almost time to call it a night!

Thanks again y'all for making the drive up so we could all be together.  We felt so loved & appreciated the effort!!

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