Friday, January 25, 2013

Party Time!!

James woke up SO.EXCITED. for his party that Saturday- the whole week of doing different preps built up the anticipation I think.  Had to start off the day with a birthday cupcake - race car #3!!

The gang was all here for James' party- it was a bit crazy!! But having family & friends who love you surround you to celebrate is priceless.  We've been so grateful for that welcome change & really feel like the boys are getting to KNOW their family like never before, just by seeing them so often.

This boy woke up from his nap to the family already here & warmed up slowly to how many friends he had coming over.  He was pretty shy until cake time & then he was in his element.  What a great feeling for everyone to be singing to you!  It shows on his face.  :-)

He did great blowing out his candles...

and was pretty proud of it.  ;-)  Love this big, unbridled smile.

There was lots of playing with friends & food & fun.  I thought James wouldn't really want to open his gifts in front of everyone, but after cake time he was up for all the attention.  We dove into the gifts & little Hayden joined in - even sported the 'Super James' cape that Aunt Natassja made!

One blessed little 3 year old.

The big surprise of the day was the new Jeep that James was given by his Mimi&Grandpa.  We waited for all the friends to head out before giving it to him so he could learn to drive it without anyone standing too close by... he did great & loves going for a drive.  But, he has to have his music turned on!

Hayden is his #1 passenger.  He jumps in and is ready to go even more often than James, haha.

What a great time together - thanks for everyone who came!

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