Wednesday, January 2, 2013

a very merry Christmas.

Our boys really were precious this year.  James woke up & didn't remember that this was the day we would get to open our gifts to each other.  He came & snuggled & read stories while he waited for his little bro to wake up too.  Couldn't believe he didn't notice the stockings - and it really did take him quite a while to see all the gifts under the tree.

Once he spotted his bike though, there was no stopping him then.  He zoomed around the house until he decided to take a second look at the tree... haha

I left his two bigger gifts without wrapping paper- just bows & he was so cute to see how thrilled he was to see it was for him!!  I got probably 6 shots of him in a row just grinning like there's no tomorrow...

When little Hayden man woke up (finally! haha) he had to warm up to all this excitement.  James was literally playing Hayden's little piano through the box to get his attention to the gifts.  haha.  He warmed up. ;-)

I just love this picture.  belly.

Matt caught the cutest shot of James- helment wearing, flashlight carrying, binocular toting, bike riding.  Merry Christmas.

richly blessed.

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