Thursday, January 24, 2013

Strike while the iron isn't hot...

We decided to tackle some of our major milestones for our little fellas before their baby brother arrives this spring.  

#1: change Hayden to the toddler bed:  This was more easily accomplished then either of us anticipated & much easier than his big brother.  We moved the bed into his room with the crib still set up, prepared to use it in the case of him not staying in bed as we had with James.  James was all set up now in his twin bed & we were ready not to fight this battle while we have a newborn.

We put him to bed & he stayed.  He stays for naps- even for 30 min or more if he wakes early & I just hope for him to lay back down.  He's as quiet as a mouse & if he drops his paci, he will get out & immediately right back in.  It's amazing.   Now to get rid of the paci... 

#2: Get James out of pull-ups at night:  This was more difficult.  I have a good friend who helped her boy learn to hold it by waking him before she went to bed herself for a mid-night potty break.  We tried this for about a week, and actually ended up forgetting one night for his first successful all-nighter!  (he had not been waking dry our first few nights - tried wakings & success - then waking without success - went back to just letting him sleep = a week dry!!)  We had his first middle of the night accident last night, but honestly, with all his success, (and juice at dinner) I am counting it as a fluke (i hope).  So we'll, see, but hopefully, not getting up at night for potty issues when we have a new baby!

amazed by our boys & all their growin' up.  makes their momma so proud.

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