Friday, January 25, 2013

Ladies&Gentlemen, start your engines..!

I am ever expanding my craft-abilities these days, which is such a blessing to me.  I have so thoroughly enjoyed doing some little projects for my family & special occasions.  Here is how we threw a race car birthday party!

It was a little difficult finding all the items we were looking for- fortunately for us we have several craft stores in town and visited them all!  haha.  I did order a few items online as well, and most of our theme centered around the checkered flag & the colors red&black.

Project #1:  Table runners.  My mother-in-law made this impression on me, table coverings made such a difference for a party.  I made my first one for my little Hayden's Very Hungry Caterpillar 1st birthday party, and loved how it set the room!  I ordered his fabrics online for ease, but found this checkered flag fabric easily at a JoAnn fabric store.  I made 3 table runners & one that I used for a banner.  (4 yds fabric which I halfed & then measured for each surface.  simple seam and they were done).

Project #2:  I made a '3' t-shirt for James (again, I made my first for Hayden's '1' birthday shirt).  I found a toddler t-shirt & checkered flag felt at AC Moore - perfect!!  Really helped the number stand off the shirt. (I printed a 3 off the computer - cute it out & traced it on the felt - cut out the 3 & pinned it to the shirt - realized I should have had a fabric circle thing to hold it very tight - hand stitched it & done!)

Project #3:  Dollar store popcorn bags 10 for $1!  Added some ribbon to tie them closed & I really loved my party favor bags.  They were filled with Cars themed candies, a hot wheels car, stickers & some prizes.  (hole punched for ribbon & tied simple knot) Easy peazy & done.

I wanted to make some kind of banner for James & our front foyer.  I had one piece of extra fabric after all my table runners were finished & had some red felt leftover from Christmas ornaments... (I tried to use paper letters first, but they didn't stick well or look as nice) and voila!  (one sheet of red felt - printed & cut out letters - traced & cut out of felt - pinned & hand stitched to banner).  James is 3 !!

I made some race car cupcakes for the fun of it & because they looked SO cute...

Here was my entrance... banner + pennants from ceiling + red&black balloons tied to traffic cones + party favor bags.

Nascar racing cake from Publix!

Our race track food spread...

Had so much fun in the prep for this party!

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