Sunday, March 4, 2012


Hello March, how'd you get here so fast??  Once again, its time to play catch up with some of my favorite moments of February- just a little belated.  Yes, these days the blog is always behind on the current events, and I'm surprised how quickly the days can pass.

It has felt like I've had my hands 'less' full these days since Hayden is officially crawling and sitting with the boys while they play is so much fun.  We get to read books together, take walks, go to the library, play at the park, and eat together now.  Hayden is having 3 meals a day now of baby food and sleeping much better.  Still up once at night most of the time, but I think his growth patterns and sleep patters are just different than James' were-and we are grateful.  Just grateful for the sleep we do get, and for the extra cuddle time I get with him in the night time.  Who could be grumpy when you're looking at this face?

James has had so much fun getting little gifts from family and friends after his birthday party.  Because we did it about 4 weeks after his actual birthday, he got good and spoiled for over a month. haha.

Hayden and Daddy.  sweet moments.

James making some friends at the Y.  I'm hoping to get myself back in some kind of shape!  I was parking my stroller after dropping him off and spy-ed him trying to share blocks.  Love seeing him be sweet!!

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