Wednesday, March 21, 2012

boy joy.

Days lately take us outside in the afternoons when we are done with our chores and there are no errands to do (or at least they can wait :-)  These boys are playing in the sandbox, going down the slide, racing trucks, playing ball, blowing bubbles, and getting dirty.

Oh did I mention sailing pirate ships?? haha

Wearing green to celebrate St. Patrick's day & their Uncle Josh's 30th birthday.  Uncle Josh you have no idea how often your name ends up on James' 'Thankful' list after his bedtime prayers.  He loves you (and Corrie, Madeline, & Darcy).

I don't know if anything can top James' love for his closest friends.  Anna Kate was all he could say for the whole morning leading up to our lunch play date- and all he could say the rest of the day.  I took some video of them running and holding hands together that day which he has watched dozens of times. Talk about  She is so special to him.


This face says it all.  LOVE him some Anna Kate.

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