Friday, March 9, 2012

Potty Training.

Where do I even start.  Little James had never gone as we say, "pee pee on the potty," until this past Sunday night.  We borrowed a potty seat for the big toilet from my parents, just to try out since he showed some interest in it during our last visit, and voila.  He goes.

We go all in.  We debated it- and decided it was worth a try.  Ride the wave of interest he was showing.  Capitalize on the excitement and pride he was feeling when he was successful.  We went all in.

It has been easier than I thought and harder in some ways.  I love seeing my little guy running around in his undies and get so happy when he does it all by himself.  Harder when I think of how it will change our routines and travel and errands. everything.

But, just because mommy wasn't quite ready for this big change (when am I really?), didn't mean that he wasn't.  So I embrace.  We go all in.

Isn't there a message about life in there somewhere?? haha.

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