Saturday, March 17, 2012

counting counting counting

Little James has learned to count.  We were reading his story for bed one night and he counted.  "one, two, one, two."  So we almost fell over, then we asked him if he knew what came next.  He counted all the way to six.  It was crazy.  He can count up to nine now.  huh- you never know what they know I guess until one day they just tell you & act like it's old news.

I've been 'counting my blessings' more and more.  1000 blessings has continued to inspire me.  Loved this section about Moses.

Hayden is counting up his months as well.  Happy 7 months little guy.  Almost 18 pounds these days and about 27 inches long.  His little personality is just sugar- pure sweetness.  He laughs so easily, and his eyes just light up.  He's still doing his baby-kiss-attack which is sometimes painful, but my boy wants to give me kisses.  What can beat that.

This almost looks like a raised eyebrow.  He definitely gets that from his mommy.

Love the city skyline.  Its amazing how beautiful it can be- I've never really considered buildings beautiful before, but the creativity in them is definitely something I would call God inspired.  Can't count how often I am struck my its beauty depending on the time of day.

Perspective.  What a relevant word from Martin Luther.  a radically different way to count.

Who can bring peace unless they hold their own peace??  What a needed reminder during a period of life where toddler tantrums can sometimes cause mommy-tantrums as well.  Thank you Lord for teaching me how to keep peace, choose peace.  What a blessing that is- even when I fail.  Counting each situation as a chance to grow.

These guys are why - love them so much.  pictured below: James climbed up in my lap and wanted to snuggle.  Little Hayden bouncing & dancing away.

mr. dimples.

oh my little baby Ike.  Just like his grammy. :-) I think I may be guilty of taking innumerable pictures of you. haha.

Oh, and he now is up to 3 teeth.  Yes, one & two bottom teeth.  And now #3 is top left side (not front tooth) haha.  We'll definitely keep counting teeth for sure.  and hopefully get a decent photo.

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