Saturday, March 17, 2012


During our potty training, we all had the Cold (yes, capital C) of 2012.  James had to take two rounds of antibiotic to clear his ear infections and poor Hayden had two rounds of spiking fevers.  yuck.  But, we used our contagious time usefully in the end.  At least we hit two birds with one stone.  But I am so relieved to not be hermits anymore and get back to our normal routines: library, play dates, Bible study, church.  

And the weather helped.  My boys playing outside.  ahhh.  Yes, in undies.  such a big boy.  growing up too fast.

James decided to take his bro for ride.


sunshine.  yes please.  Hayden was in for a bumpy ride, but he is getting to really enjoy getting out in the yard in the wagon.  If I set him down on the grass, all he wants to do is crawl into the dirt.  haha, mommy wasn't quite ready for his hand-to-mouth crawler to be in the dirt.  This summer is gonna be tough for me!

James playing footsie with Hayden.  Sweet big brother likes to pull Hayden's high chair up to the table as close as he can to himself.  You know, so he can swipe puffs off Hayden's tray or set his drink up there.  haha, or to play footsie.  Or steal Hayden's paci.  But, he's a sweet brother.  Sweet feet playing together.

It's so nice that big brother will hold your hand when you're not feeling well.

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