Thursday, March 8, 2012

road trip.

We had the fun of heading down to my parents' at the end of February this year- we normally go on our family ski trip, but this year it didn't happen.  So, instead we packed up and heading down to Florida.  We traded our snow for sun. :-)

My little Hayden keeps making me think he may turn out a red head.  I don't think so really, but still its fun to see it so red in the bright sunlight.

We were missin' us some Grammy & Papa.  And, I think they were missing us too. :-)  I like to call this one "baby-kiss-attack!!"  If you have been the 'victim' of little Hayden's kisses, then you know what I mean!

James had some good snuggle time with his Papa.  He is so funny about his Papa- can't quite get enough.

I like to think he's in for a treat when we get to take him to Sea World one of these days. haha.

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