Wednesday, January 1, 2014

November & Thanksgiving {belated}

It makes me laugh to look back and realize that after my 31 days of writing, I've written very little, about anything, for twice that length of time now! (and how I miss it!) Holidays came in & swept me away.  Even with the intentionality of shopping early, decorating simply, choosing ways to make memories of the season specifically.  Even still, finding stillness didn't happen.  I'm learning more & more that it must be CHOSEN.  Sought out, claimed.  and I must give myself freedom to do so. and I don't, very often, when the to-do-list gets long...

Our lovely Thanksgiving celebration was enjoyed over back-to-back trips down to Tampa this year so that we could be with all of my hubs' side for this holiday.  Our sweet family of preschool, toddler, & baby really let us go&do.  We have always pushed them on their schedules for special occasions, but boy does it  However, it is time.well.spent.

We were able to take our boys downtown Tampa for their first ice skating adventure!  Aunt Natassja & Uncle Mike found this great little activity, and it was fun.  The rink was really noisy, despite being outside, which made it tough.  The boys were a little afraid of the ice I think, and they didn't go around the rink but one time.  I think they enjoyed watching mommy&daddy and the rest of the family go (maybe?).   Matt&I haven't ice skated in years, but it always feels good to get out & remind myself that I am somewhat athletic, right??  ;-)

Prose cousins

my James on his ice skates!

the whole prose clan

Grandma&Grandpa's house was decorated beautifully for the occasion, and we were excited to have a chance to spend the big meal with all the extended family, but also a smaller, quieter one as well.  Fun to be together & thankful for what we've been given.

my sweet baby's 1st Thanksgiving!
My little ones will know what it is to grow up with the big family gatherings & all the joy that those bring.  but also, I hope, how to enjoy the small & that each is it's own gift.

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