Wednesday, December 11, 2013

my 1st Stitch Fix

I wanted to share my experience with Stitch Fix because it was really a unique endeavor.  I was looking forward to getting my box for my birthday, but it did not come in time.  :-(  It was my misunderstanding about choosing a shipping date rather than a delivery date when I 'scheduled my fix'.  I would pass that along as lesson learned!  ;-)

When the box arrived (I had been tracking it all week), I was really excited to open it up & try everything on!  I was really impressed that everything was the correct size, and really, I could have kept the whole box if I had wanted to!  I had told myself that I really only wanted to keep what I LOVED from this fix, so I could continue to have this service.  It really is the most fun way to shop I've found - especially when I have little ones & don't go shopping for myself, like almost ever.

I did ask very specifically for fabrics that would work for a stay at home mom of 3 who is nursing.  I asked for machine washable & for casual chic.  I also used the lowest price setting. (at the lowest price setting, the dress was $28, the button down, cardigan, and sweater were $48, and the jeans were $88.  Their website does give the average cost appropriately if you average these items, and the total for the box was about $250).  After all, I am at home with babies & I don't want to be more concerned about my clothes than I am with taking care of my kids. (but I'd like to look nice! ;-)

I did receive the wrong style cards for my box, which was another bummer for me.  I also has trouble giving my referral credit to my friend.  Lastly, I had trouble with this dress & a popped seam.  However, despite all my troubles, their customer service is GREAT.  They were prompt on all their responses & handled each issue until resolved.  They mailed out my correct cards.  They gave my friend her $25 credit.  They even offered to refund my dress or give me a credit towards another purchase.  Overall, I am happy with the service.  I liked the experience of having a stylist & having a surprise in the mail.  I will do it again, and I'm sure I will continue to love it.

If you'd like to be referred by me, please clink here.  You'll be awarding me a $25 too. :-)

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