Saturday, January 25, 2014

James' Monster Truck Jam!

My boy is 4 years old!!??!!  How did this happen...  I remember when James turned 1!  And I'm just realizing, I never blogged his birth story (this may come soon!)

Daddy made him a special '4' pancake, which is upside down in this pic ;-)
This amazingly sweet little boy surprises me everyday.  He's 90% for height & weight (42 in & 42 lbs). His beautiful eyes & dark red hair haven't changed since he was a baby.  He is the sweetest big bro you've ever met, but when he doesn't get his way, watch out!  haha, this boy's emotions keep him on his toes, but he's making progress towards self control & self discipline (and that's more than I can say for myself some days if I'm honest).

He's in his second semester of preschool this year & has become such a social boy.  He loves to be near me, to sit in my 'wap' and read a story.  To get tucked in at night & have snuggles.  He carries around his 'babies' to take care of, just like mommy does for baby brother.  No more naps for this guy (waaahhh!) but every now and again, on a sick day, he'll take one.  'Quiet time' is a challenge for this guy, because he doesn't want to be alone!

He loves to take pictures of himself with his brothers or me.  He loves to turn up his music, Needtobreathe's album, Outsiders, and dance around the kitchen.  He is really getting into building train tracks & lego 'hostitles' because that's where daddy goes 'for work'.  He must be coerced into drawing or using crayons, but his will use static stickers to create masterpieces on the windows! or put together puzzles all by himself...  he is self sufficient (99%) for using the potty which is wonderful!  and he gets dressed & chooses his clothes all by himself.

he also shares his pancakes with his monster truck buddies.

We had the opportunity to take cupcakes to his preschool class to celebrate his birthday.  It was probably one of the most fun things I've gotten to do.  They sang him a special song (pictured below) & he was so eager for Matt&I to be a part of it.  They read him a special book, & then we all sang happy birthday.  I got that on video.  He was so sweet, gracious & hospitable.  He wanted to make sure everyone had a cupcake, a chair.  To make sure we all knew each other's names, he made proper introductions.

He made me so proud.  What a sweet, sweet spirit this boy has.  I am so grateful God gave him to us to be a part of our family.  He is amazing.

The boy asked for chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing.  yes, he is my son!

Our neighbors were able to come over for dinner on his birthday, a monday night.  So we rounded out our wonderful day with a pizza party, cupcakes round 2, and a little monster truck madness!

He asked for a monster truck birthday party, and he wanted to have boys only. (?!)  I'm not sure if this will be the last year I make him a number shirt, but we'll see what he wants for his 5th birthday.  James helped me use his big monster truck (birthday gift) & some paint to put the tire tracks on his shirt.  The number 4 & the triangle I freehanded, but the flags I used a cookie cutter! haha.  I was happy with the result, and so was the birthday boy.

Mimi made James a monster truck table (wow!) for his birthday party gift, and boy, it is full of her amazing creativity!  The kids all loved it!

My big 4-year-old boy getting ready to blow out his candles!

We are so very blessed to have friends & family to celebrate with us.  Aunt Michelle drove down from SC for the party, Grammy&Papa came up, Mimi&Grandpa came up, and Aunt Natassja, Uncle Mike, & Jack drove up as well.  We played monster trucks, had monster truck bean bag toss, ate snacks & cake, and loved James.  I think at the end of the day, taking the chance to celebrate him & show him he's special (in whatever way) means the most.  James, I hope you know how special we think you are!  We love you!!


  1. It's amazing to think he's already four years old! Glad we could be there to celebrate! :)