Monday, January 27, 2014


My baby boy is 9.months.old !

he likes hangin' out with momma - thanks for loaning me the ergo Jessica!!

It is amazing how much he has started to become independent already.  Here he is pulling up to his knees in his crib, which was our warning sign to go ahead and lower the crib to the lowest setting (waahhh!).  It's silly, but I love how the crib looks on the middle setting.  The crib skirt hangs perfectly at that height, and you can still store things underneath.  It is by far my favorite way for the crib to look, but onward marches time & sadly, that's probably the last time I'll have our crib set to that height (waahh!!)  It does feel a little silly to mourn the loss of small, insignificant details of life, like crib height.  But, I'm learning that it is ok to be a little silly over some things.  It's better to find ways to put our 'things' to use, like cribs, rather than cling tightly to it & rob it of its usefulness.  Doesn't this happen all through raising children?  I'm also currently girding myself up to do another baby clothes clean-out, more opportunities to bless someone else & walk down my memories one more time. (I'm not crying. yes, I am.)

post-nap pull up to knees!
One of his favorite things to play with: his curtains in his room.  I love watching him lay on his back and play peek-a-boo with himself, essentially.  It's adorable. and so is this face.

James is still the first one to beg for your attention.  He loves helping take care of you, Hayden, Mommy, Daddy.  I think you enjoy his favor.

My boys & their matching Jammies - thanks Aunt Natassja & Uncle Mike!

"Can Calvin sit by me in my tent?"
This month Calvin found his fingers.  I'd catch him looking at them & moving them around.  He was so serious with his eyebrows furrowed.  Hayden begged for you to sit next to him after you'd had a turn sitting by James, so here you all are, snuggled up on the couch.

"I want Calvin to sit next by me in MY tent!!"
Oh.My. little buddy you've learned to stand.  I think you saw some of your friends standing & decided you could probably do that too.  No real steps yet while standing (thank goodness) but you are getting stronger & stronger when you stand!

You have been such a trooper for joining me on my runs.  I know you must enjoy the scenery, because you never complain while we run.  Gosh you are just the cutest little fella.

You did have a Dr appointment to check out the cold that had been hanging around our house for weeks.  You are still sleeping fine despite the cold, & mommy is so grateful.  You finally learned to sleep through the night!!  albeit the hard way :-(

You hit 20 lbs!!

We finally got our playroom re-organized & you were the first one excited to explore!  You (of course) are more interested in your brothers' toys than the ones that are for you, but we are working on it!  You may be my most inquisitive child- and babyproofing may be a more difficult task for the child who likes to eat doorstop plastic ends (??!?).  seriously.  & crawls towards lamp cords...  Mommy is on.her.toes.

Calvin already mastered the crawling tunnel!  You already love it- I'm sure this is one of the most fun baby toys we own.

1st pull up to stand!!  Playing piano & looking out the window with Hayden.

and here we go.  1st pull-up post-nap.  You've done it a few times now, but it will amazes me that you're already able to do that.  You haven't figured that getting down part yet, I don't think...

Happy 9.months.old Calvin!!  You are such a joy in our lives.  We are blessed by you!

1st tub bath for this big boy!!

Your 9.month.well check - 20 lbs 8 oz & 29.5 in long!  You are 75%/50% - I tried to make sure we were measuring you while you were still today, so we got a MUCH more accurate measurement.  You were measured 29 1/4 at 6 months which was WAY off, by maybe even a whole inch or more because you wiggled so much.  Mommy doesn't like to tell them to re-do, but I did at home and you were definitely only around 28 in long then.  ;-)

Love you so much little man!!

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