Thursday, January 2, 2014


My little Calvin Dean is just amazed me this past month.  He's mastered sitting up.  he started to crawl.  he got 2 more teeth.  he is baby-talkin' dadada & mummumm.  he's playing on his own: exploring & playing with his toys.  His favorite activity in his room: playing underneath his curtains.  haha!

just after turning 7 months old
 He is still just about the happiest, sweetest thing there is.  He has found his voice though, this month.  I even had a stranger passing us at the mall over Christmas shopping season remark to me, "boy has healthy lungs".  why yes, yes he does. haha.

taken by James
He is really starting to take off with all his mobility.  He even tried to crawl up my arm or leg to come and get me, when he wasn't even crawling well yet!  Now that he's really making some good progress, he's already starting to pull up on his knees.  at least not standing up (today, haha).

learning to sit up

The teeth really have done a number on his though.  He drools more than either of his brothers did, but also learning to drink from a sippy cup has been easier/harder?  not really sure why all the water ends up on his clothes/bib.  The bib is sort of a lost cause at this point. ha!

drooly, happy baby!

This.  Just love the beauty of this snapshot of my life with my little guys.

new skill: independent play!

yes, teeth may be to blame for the continued night wakings of month 8.  here's hoping for more sleep to come soon!

tooth #3 - Dec 19th

The crawling is just so adorable.  I love this part when they aren't fast & its just so darn cute.  It is really fun to see where HE wants to go as well.  Of course he's already after all his brothers toys...

learning to CRAWL!!  also, baby talkin' daddada & mumumum

and this picture.  may be one of my all time favorites.  I just love it.  His hair has grown in so much for being only 8 months old & it is precious.


tooth #4 - Dec28th (just past 8 months)
The time has flown by.  it amazes me & I didn't know how much sweeter you'd make my life.  Love you my sweet one.

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