Monday, January 6, 2014


My immediate goal for 2014: refreshment.

Strangely enough, it has come by returning to some old habits- patterns of being that aren't productive, but ARE producing in me LIFE.  Counting gifts (1000gifts style).  Writing scripture.  Writing song lyrics.  Playing my All Sons & Daughters station on pandora = letting the worship lyrics flow over me & in my heart & all through my day.  Even when I'm not in Bible study, doing anything 'new' or flashy.  Even when all I'm 'doing' feels like the never-ending-catch-up game from the holidays' fun.


In the midst of stress&anxiety that had been crushing my spirit&mind. (from time away from the living waters of the word??)  Words from my pastor were

Instead of agreeing with the negative thought, or the anxiety of my little world spinning outside my control, or the weight of trying to finish it all without the energy to do it....  I.CAN.CHOOSE.TRUTH.

I can speak the TRUTH in those moments to myself.  What do I know to be true in that moment when things feel bad? messy? explosive? chaotic? or just plain LOUD?

I've really been clinging to the HOPE I feel rising in my spirit as I recite, reread, review scripture.  So I am going to participate in Ann's #theJesusProject scripture memory this year.  You can check it out Here.  I've participated in Beth Moore's scripture memory group as well in years past, and I haven't really done any scripture memorization since I was in Sunday School as a girl!

Memorize Scripture.  IT MATTERS.  It makes a difference.  It will soak down into your soul&spirit and breathe LIFE like you couldn't ever imagine.  My personal favorite REFRESHMENT of scripture this week as been...

Philippians 4:8 as the Message reads...

"... I'd say you'll do best by filling your minds & MEDITATING on things
the Best, not the Worst;
the Beautiful, not the Ugly;
things to PRAISE, not things to Curse."

I pray that this finds YOU where the Lord can bring refreshment as well.  Start out this new year fresh, re-freshed by the truth of his love.  My God is good, &

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