Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year

Goodbye 2013.  The year we welcomed our youngest, Calvin into the world April 24th.  One of the first years in a few that we didn't move.  Surprisingly, after the start of 2014, our boys will have lived in our current house, longer than in any other home we've had.  This is James' 3rd home & Hayden's 2nd & Calvin's 1st.  We enter the new year with no changes on the horizon.  no moves, no new babies, no new jobs.  We will continue on with preschool & VPK next Fall for James.  

I've had the odd experience of seeing friends of mine working on 'goal setting' during the same season of life that I'm currently in.  It is so funny to me to try to think about this coming year & what I'd like to accomplish.  hahaha, accomplish? (I feel accomplished when I brush my teeth some days)  I would like to raise this family of mine.  I'd like to celebrate a 4th birthday, a 1st birthday, & a 3rd birthday with my boys.  I'd like to take a vacation.  I'd like to write more about lessons I'm learning, because I am blessed in the giving away.  I'd like to spend more time in Bible study as a participant & as a host.  I would like to give more of myself away.  I'd like to finish more projects around our house, to take good care of it & make it feel more like our home.  I'd love to become a better friend to those in my life.  I'd like to continue to learn how to be a good mom for my boys & what it mean to raise up godly boys in our current culture.  I'd like to continue to learn how to be the helpmeet for my husband & how to love him better.  I'd like to live my

I would like to 'make' something 'bigger' out of my life, but I don't think that's what I'm really called to do.  I'd like to say that for so many of us, aren't we just called to be present in our own home, our own neighborhood, our own church?  It is easy to be absent.  It takes something to plug in, connect.  It takes giving away of yourself.  It takes the effort & inconvenience to plan & prepare.  but

2013 has been a year of the ever-changing-normal as we added baby boy #3 in the past 4 years...  while I wish I could say that I've had a season of growth, I can't.  But I can say that although I'm overwhelmed in some of day-to-day, or even moment-to-moment transitions of our preschooler, toddler, & infant, I'm still grateful for  I wouldn't trade it.  I am hoping for new personal growth in 2014, and I should again regain some normal sleep habits as my baby boy is ready to start sleeping through the nights (right??) and expectant for the Lord's truth to come leaping off some pages & out of certain songs & in the creation around me.  I am looking & waiting & praying for fresh eyes to see with & fresh ears to hear with as mine have become so weary.

My immediate goal for 2014: refreshment.

Without further adieu, 

Welcome 2014, from our family.of.5.

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