Sunday, December 9, 2012


It is amazing how quickly time can slip by without you noticing.  I am amazed today looking back over a MONTH'S worth of photos of my boys&family and scratching my head where to begin.  Probably somewhere along the meal planning, house de-cluttering, grocery shopping, actual 'cleaning', & loads of laundry, I must have run out of gas.  ;-)  I'm so grateful for the chance to reminisce over my memories&pictures as I blog, but do desire to stay more current!

November was a sweet time for the boys&me as we tried to make a 'Thankful' leaf garland for our mantel to celebrate thanksgiving.  My goal was one leaf a day of something James was thankful for, but we got stuck when he just wanted to repeat the same things everytime I asked.  haha, you would laugh, but his first answer was always: God.  Then, variations, but: Mommy/Daddy/Sheepy/Hayden/Roo boy.  Yes, so we enjoyed the exercise & the results were sweet in their simplicity.

Mostly, we were silly.  But, we did finish unpacking out house in November.  Maybe that's what I was doing... haha.

Hayden became ACTIVE.  You can see just from their playtimes, they are keeping me on my toes!!  Hayden is truly a walker now- walker, climber, wrestler, play-maker.  He's driving trucks around the house making a siren sound (because to him they all do I suppose, or maybe its just the most fun).  He's keeping up with big bro & racing him around the house on his Lightening McQueen.  You should hear him talk: Stop! Go!  This boy reads books to himself, sings, talks a blue streak & eats everything.  Hayden Prose, you and your big personality light up my life!  I just can't get enough- he is THE sweetest little snuggler-baby-talker you've ever met.  Until you discipline him or disappoint.  This guy throws a fit you'd never believe!  The terrible-ones? haha.

I was able to celebrate my birthday- 29 and end of my twenties.  Not too tough, except for the folks who asked me which anniversary of my '29th' I was celebrating... uummm.  haha!  I do seriously treasure the photos of my little fellas huggin' each other & just enjoying life together.  I am truly blessed watching the gift that a sibling can be.  And, it was really nice to see my in-laws & my parents both to celebrate my birthday around the date- that hasn't been possible in years.  The chances to live life together are so frequent these days & it blesses me beyond expression.  But isn't it so easily forgotten as well?  I am challenged to remember- Thank you Lord for giving us the opportunities.

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