Saturday, December 29, 2012

December to remember

We were so excited to see my sis-in-law to celebrate her big 30th birthday & have some much over due play time.  With our move this past summer, we have missed out on seeing our sweet nieces/cousins.  The little girls&boys had so much fun playing together.  It was so fun to see!  Ages: 6, 4, 2, & 1.

Playing big bad wolf (played by Roosevelt Prose).  The 4 pigs house was sturdy enough to withstand! haha

Madeline reading to James all tucked in - all 4 in the theater watching Monster's Inc.  Love Madeline's face. ;-)

Good bye hugs.  Sweet girls.

We stayed around at Grammy & Papa's for the weekend.  Hayden adopted Curious George as his favorite - he showed his affection by walk/running around the house carrying his by the ear.

End of the loop was a crash landing on Grammy's lap.  She didn't mind a bit.

Little James who refused to nap had to play trains while resting his head on the floor.  haha, silly guy.
not tired at all.

Papa's church had Christmas carols in the city 'circle' that we stayed for.  It was so sweet to start the Christmas season off with some hymns & carols - lights - and family.

Little James played just a bit too hard & ended up making his first ER appearance.  Fell, bumped his head and then got sick = needed a Dr check-up.  mild concussion but was such a champ.  Tough night for James but may have been tougher for his poor Daddy&Mommy.

Still grateful for a very smooth recovery for James & the mild nature of the injury.  Grace grace.

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