Saturday, December 29, 2012

kick-off to Christmas

doing a Christmas-in-review this year is a bit daunting but such a precious reminder of all that has been celebrated & decorated & created & enjoyed.  Our boys had such a big time celebrating Christmas this year that I would love to cement all the little details down in time as they are so easily forgotten in the river of days.

Our little guys excited to see the tree all set up (mind you it took several days for Matt&I to get the time/energy to actually get out the ornaments, haha).  They celebrated by sitting next to the tree in their little chairs & reading some books. ;-)

Christmas is exciting!! or maybe just jumpin' on the chair...


This face. priceless.

Naked little guys reading Toy Story from the library.

James singing - Daddy conducting - Hayden covering his ears = dinner time.  love.

Christmas cookie attempt #1 - meltaways & cream cheese icing.  not my favorite.  Thank goodness for the peppermint sprinkles for some flavor, haha.

more reading & snuggles with Daddy.  Why still naked??  It seems I never know what causes these incidents.  Maybe a cookie snack gone terribly wrong. haha

Finally got out the ornaments & only broke half a dozen while the boys helped decorate the tree.  James hung them all at the bottom of the tree in a row & Hayden just thought they were a bunch of toys and broke a few with a bit too much enthusiasm.  

Little decorator & little wrecking crew - my favorite the Little People Nativity! - the bottom of our tree. haha

 Loved my view from my couch that evening.  5 stockings were hung by the chimney with care. ;-)

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