Saturday, December 29, 2012

Lovin' our neighborhood.

Holidays sometimes seem to be so full of special activities that the normalcy of play time at the park is lost.  I was so glad to have the time for the boys to play together & get some fresh air in the nice weather.  December in FL - beautiful.

Tire swing with 3 boys.

Even more fun is having dinner together.  haha

I'm glad my boys are pretty good buddies to each other and play everyday so nicely together.  Still lots of crying & hitting & not-sharing & too-rough-tackling.  But glad they enjoy each other so.

We have the best neighbors.  So glad that we can have impromptu play dates with our neighbors down the street.  Love catching all 4 of them in the same frame.

and what a surprise - our next door neighbors rang the doorbell & showed up with a hand made rocking elephant!  An amazing, beautiful gift.

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