Saturday, December 29, 2012

Oh little town of Bethlehem...

This year we got to come to all the Christmas events that we had been missing these past years up in NC.  We got to go visit & see the 12 ft tree at Mimi & Grandpa's house before heading down to their church for a Christmas musical.  The boys made it about half way, which was just shy of getting to see their grandparents as the narrators for the 2nd half of the show.  bummer, but we were still able to enjoy being a part for act 1!

We stayed over & got a chance just to play.  This picture made me laugh how red even Hayden's hair looks next to his bro & Mimi.  I still don't know what color his hair will be.  It sort of seems to be a strawberry-brunette with some blond highlights.  ;-)

Another tradition we'd been missing was the Walk through Bethlehem in Keystone Heights at First Baptist Church.  Matt&I have been volunteering for this even since we were dating.  He's played Joseph half a dozen times because he was good at handling the stubborn donkey.  I played the angel, Mary, a guide through the city several times, a craft helper, sang carols in the sanctuary, and I'm not even sure what else.  The city has been upgraded since we had seen it last, and it was so much fun to take our boys to see the city & the live musical of Jesus' life.  Loved being a part of this again.

One more favorite from Keystone Heights is Johnny's BBQ.  There isn't anything quite like their curly fries&homemade ranch.  oh man, this preggo mommy didn't even know that I was craving those, but now I am.  Glad we got to go see Bethlehem with you Mimi!

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