Monday, December 10, 2012


Thanksgiving this year was celebrated by us at our home.  No traveling - no 8 hr car rides - sleeping in our own bed, at least for Thursday.  We were able to host our parents for the big meal & spend a few days doing our prep.  We had the motivation to get our last few projects finished up around the house.  NO MORE BOXES & even parking in our own garage.  We have pictures on the walls. ((deep sigh))  The settling IN.has.begun.

Loved being able to bake in my Westie apron b-day gift-to-myself & have my little helpers decorate some pumpkin cheesecake muffins for our big meal.  I managed to wrestle a couple of pumpkin pies into submission as well... baking can be such a challenge but I think I'm improving!

I love catching my guys hanging out together.  I laugh at my little naked man who has become a bit messy at breakfast & ends up naked for a few minutes now and then.

And I thought he was still learning to get down on his belly... he proved me wrong.  2 seconds flat.

I am remiss for not taking very many photos during some family events&gatherings.  I am mostly too consumed with everything going on to snap the pictures that I can in our normal days.  Most people take MORE pictures during holidays, me = less.  Thankfully, my Dad likes to take pictures & he shares!  (more to come...)

My only image of my Thanksgiving table.  My little fella & our new buffet.  Many things to be thankful for.

Glad to get a pictures of Grammy & Papa snuggling&reading with my little guys.  So often the action shots are quick to escape - but gladly I caught up with this one.

Again, my only shots of Thanksgiving dinner at the Proses new house the following weekend - our post-dinner walk&ride with my little scooter.  I was glad to be able to celebrate the new house & be together!

Nana & Hayden cruisin' the neighborhood.

Happy Thanks-Giving.  Giving Thanks for the small moments & grateful for our family.

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