Thursday, November 15, 2012

hello November.

A little photo-download...  for sentimentality sake.

A date.  My husband and I.  actually occured- dinner & a movie.  Boys did great & adore their baby sitter.  This has been such a rarity for us in the past few baby-toddler years... must be documented.

My little guys at the zoo & meeting new friends.  Love Micheal&Kathryn!

Riding the train at the zoo is one of my guys FAVORITE things.  Love.

"Wanna hold hands?"

Unpacking has been way more fun for the boys than for mommy&daddy... but 2 months in & most of my morning sickness gone has helped us finally get unpacked (almost).

Hayden has truly taken over the house.  He now sits up at the table when he feels like grabbing a snack... or some of his brother's meal.

James my Halloween pumpkin cheesecake cupcake decorator.

My little pumpkin painters at work.  James may finally be liking art projects just a bit & Hayden just wanted to paint with water and eat it.

Our Elmo pumpkin by daddy & little sharks out for a Trick-or-Treat (sickness & all)

Happy Halloween little sharks.

Poor little sick shark & Daddy showing his love.

Pictures hung in our house: #1, #2, & #3, 4, and 5

Me & our littlest apple-sized baby rocking the boat.

My romantic&sweet&wonderful hubs bringing me pumpkin donuts & coffee after our kids were up all night.  I love him.

Our little sicky feeling better & chatting on the phone as much as his mommy&daddy  Hopefully, we can look back on it and say we've lived it well.

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