Thursday, June 9, 2011

One correction

I said that Hayden's first gift was from his Aunt Darcy and Uncle Josh, and that was true to an extent. haha.  Really, he has actually been given a few little things so far, just nothing when he actually had been given his name!!  So, his little backpack is the first thing that really displays his name, which I just love.

1. A super, adorable, sweet recordable book from his Grammie and Papa.  His Papa recorded the reading which is so much fun.  Hayden didn't even have a name at Christmas 2010 when he recieved this book, but he was loved!!!  It's called All the ways I love you from Hallmark.

2. His mommy bought him an outfit. haha.  See New Clothes for the New Baby!  How could I resist??

3. His mommy bought him an Easter basket.  No pictures of our Easter baskets because we actually picked up and went to Florida last minute and celebrated with our extended family.  I was (as I usually am) too tired to take pictures when others are taking enough to document an event.  Plus, I alway end up worrying about watching him way more attentively when we aren't at home.  Taking pictures myself is almost always an 'at home' activity or a camera phone activity. haha, its terrible I know.

Needless to say, I got two baskets because I wanted them to match next Easter when James and Hayden get to celebrate it together.  I got two books because I thought they were just too much fun for Easter.  James' book was called What is Easter? which explains why we celebrate = Jesus!!  And Hayden's was called Runaway Bunny which just had the perfect colors and message for my new little boy.  Since I had two baskets and two books, I had to buy two Easter bunnies.  haha.  I LOVE these super soft little guys made by one of my favs, Jellycat.  James got a brown one to match his book, and Hayden got a white one to match his book.  You can see James little bunny in his big boy bed pictures. haha

4.  We bought our awesome, amazing double stroller.  That was a purchase really for Hayden, but for mommy's ease of two boys under two.  Anything to make my life a little easier, I'm in!  I feel like I'll have my work cut out for me no matter what, haha.  It will be soo worth it though.  I can't wait to see our sweet little Hayden in the stroller with his big brother.  So much fun!!  In case you were curious, it's the Britax B-Ready.

5. Your Aunt Natassja passed on some of your sweet cousin Jack's newborn clothes that were summer weight.  My favorite was a sweet little blue sleep gown with simple white animals on it.  So much fun to have something new to enjoy!  Thanks Aunt Natassja. :-)  ps. (We will pass back when if you have another little boy!!)

So, Hayden.  You have been blessed my little fella.  And I'm sure many more blessings to come!!

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