Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

James (and Hayden) got to wish their 'Dada' a very special Father's Day.  We went to the bookstore and picked out a couple of little books that they can share with their daddy. :-) James picked out one about being Daddy's helper, and Hayden gave him one called Daddy Hugs.  Soo sweet!! Can't wait to have some sweet Daddy hugs for my new little fella when he makes his appearance.

James likes to spend some sweet, quality time with Daddy.  What does he love to do??  Jump on Daddy.  Sit on Daddy.  Wrestle Daddy.  Hog tie Daddy, haha.  He wishes!!  And of course, give Daddy some sweet, goofy little boy kisses.  Love that scrunchy face!

Oh, Daddy.  I love you soooo much!!!

Happy Father's Day. :-)

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