Monday, June 27, 2011

How to spend the afternoon?

Our first little family vacation was off to a great start, but it was nap time.  So we all went in, took a good nap, grabbed an excellent lunch in Surfside.  Seriously good friend catfish at a cute local place called 'bubbas'.  Normally, that doesn't always inspire confidence, but this time friends, success.  :-)

Back to the beach- now what should a boy do with his afternoon??

1. Play with trucks.  As you may notice, he likes them to line up like a train.  haha, he doesn't quite understand the magnets on his toy trains are not on his other toys. :-)  But, hey a boy can make a train out of trucks in he wants to.

yes, there is a little CAT truck in that line up.  I don't think Matt's cousin knew that CAT has a special place in my heart because both my grandfathers worked for Caterpillar- one as a welder for his whole career.  Yes, happy to see my boy playing with a CAT product, haha.

2. play in a hole.  Way more fun than you would think! haha.

A boy only has so much energy to spend in one day. :-) Even mine!  We grabbed some dinner with a view of the ocean, and he was so tired he laid his head on the table. haha.  Our squirmy worm let us take a picture or two.  Rest assured, he did find the strength to get some ice cream at my request before we called it a night.  Its a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it.

Almost 35 weeks.  yes, big belly.

I love sleepy hugs from my buddy.  So sweet!

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