Sunday, June 19, 2011

Water baby

We were able to celebrate our friend Ryan's birthday with the Sigmon family this weekend, and we got a chance to take our little boy to the pool for a swim.  Well, it was sort of a swim- more of a splash!

Our little buddy LOVED being in the pool.  He was so excited to get in and played, happy as a little clam, until way past his normal bed time.  I couldn't believe how much fun he had.  I wish we had more opportunity to take our little water baby to the beach this summer, but next summer, he and Hayden will get to be beach bums together!!

So content. :-)

My sweet friend Rebekah is expecting her second child, their first boy, coming up in the next week or so!!  It has been so much fun being pregnant at the same time, escpecially because her little girl, Addison is the same age as James.  We'll have double trouble here soon enough!!  Check out how she's so tall that her belly doesn't even bump into mine, but sits on top!! haha.  Here, she is 38.5 weeks and I'm 33.5.  Big belly x2!! Can't wait to meet her little boy when he comes.  Seems like it has gone really fast.

Thanks for making us a part of your family again!  We love hanging out with the Sigmons. :-)

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