Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Craigslist blessing

So I have been finding some amazing deals for our new house on craigslist, which is such a blessing.  We found our best deal yet today, just around the corner from us.  I have been stalking craigslist for months now looking at toddler beds- trying to find the perfect one.  Now that we are in, and getting settled, I have been wanting to finish our boys room, since we decided to have them share.  It really has been one of the only things that I can do to prepare for Hayden, since James has to pass down his things to Hayden, we have to have something for James to grow into.

Well, success.  EXACTLY what I wanted for way less then I had hoped to pay.  We celebrated our amazing find by buying toddler sheets (putting them on the crib mattress we got hand me down from Aunt Darcy) and making up the bed for James to try out.

Curious George. Adorable. He loved it.

He loves to snuggle. :-)

Our big boy in his big boy bed.  I am still hopeful that this will go smoothly- we have plenty of time to switch him over.  No pressure, yet! haha

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