Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New house - New home

We made it. :-)  We now live in Charlotte, NC.

We have a huge debt of gratitude to our friends from Hickory who helped us move and to my parents for all of their help, support, and elbow grease!!

It has obviously been a tough transition for us: we have a toddler and I'm (now) 32 weeks pregnant.  But, it really is amazing how much nesting power one preggo woman has.  Thankfully, we are getting settled and learning our way around.  We met our new doctor today that will, hopefully, help us welcome our new little Hayden Matthew in just under 8 weeks.

We have had quite a few fun moments in our new home with our little man.  We have had some MAJOR craigslist blessings.  James got a train table for his new playroom, which is the sunroom in our new house.  It is awesome, and he LOVES it.  He runs to the door to play with his trains everyday.  We also revamped the sandbox our house had in the backyard for our little buddy to play in.  And now, he runs to the backdoor asking to go outside to play.  Yes, he is a busy, busy boy.

We got our first baby gift for little Hayden from his Aunt Darcy and Uncle Josh.  It was soo much fun to have a package delivered to our new house with such a great surprise!!  I couldn't believe how adorable, these MATCHING BACKPACKS are!!  I just love them, and love seeing Hayden's name written on the back.  James had a big time playing with his new backpack- in his favorite room.  Trains!!

Thomas?? let's go play with my trains.

A shot of him in with his train table. :-)

Thank you so much Aunt Darcy and Uncle Josh.  Such a sweet gift!

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