Monday, June 27, 2011

A day at the beach

Our buddy loved the beach.  Check out our little piece of beach paradise.

My footprints on the right (center) and when I saw the sweet little prints I was following down to the water I couldn't help but stop and try to get a picture.  He was running down to the water! haha, I love his little feet.

Trucks. beach. awesome.

Daddy was the hero of the day.  He was the swim buddy, sand castle builder, little boy chaser, best daddy ever.

Daddy also picked out this little duck floatie when we got this life jacket, and he went crazy for it.  Oh man, definite favorite.

Take a break?? nope. Not done swimming with his duck. haha

 Mommy, your turn to come!!  Oh yes, here you are world.  Maternity bathing suit.  Avert your eyes! haha

Love this little boy.  Thanks to Laura Leigh for passing this suit on to me- honestly, I blessing that I didn't have to go through the pain of choosing one myself and spending money on it! haha  It was a total blessing of a hand-me-down.  And this is how much I love my little boy- I want to post a picture of myself, pregnant, in a bathing suit, so I can at least be in a photo with my little beach bum.  That's love!! :-)

James had an awesome morning.  His sentiments in this photo:

"Is it nap time?"

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