Sunday, July 4, 2010

Some Wedding memories...

I love my wedding photos. This particular one I asked for: coming down the aisle after the ceremony. My Mom and Dad have a similar one, same moment captured at their wedding and I've been looking at that picture my whole life waiting to have one like it. Now I do, and I love it.

I promised to put up some wedding photos, and not only did I not have a chance to find the CD of our pictures, I also didn't write about it when I was planning. But, since I said I'd put up some good pics, I pulled some off my facebook page, haha. In my defence, they were uploaded from my old computer and my new one doesn't have any of our wedding photos saved on it. yet. :-)

I know what you're thinking, this isn't even a picture of me, well it caught my attention for a unique reason. My niece Corrie was born Jan 28th, so she is 15 days younger than James in a calendar year... follow me? She was just 5 months old in this photo and our James is now 5 1/2 months old when we celebrated our 4th anniversary. How funny to see the similarities between them. Definitely Austin cheeks!!

I was looking back through our album of pictures, and this one always stands out to me. It is actually on the cover of our book, and I just love how beautiful the colors look- how the rings look so small on the petals, but really the petals were just that big- and how beautiful the flowers were in general. They were a big success in my book. (literally, haha)

This one I love. I think because of the angle, but mostly because of how awesome it makes my dress look. and it doesn't hurt that Matt and I look like models in our own pictures. just sayin'

Had to put one of him and I. Do we look much different? Of course we have both gotten better looking with the addition of James to the pictures... :-)

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