Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ride a horse...

One thing that James loves is doing little horse riding games on my knees. His current favorite is: "This is the way the lady goes trot, trot." (medium speed bouncing) "This is the way the gentleman goes, gallop, gallop, gallop" (fast speed). and lastly, "This is the way the farmer goes, hobbly jig, hobbly jig, hobblty jig!!" (bouncing rotated from left knee to right, simulating a horse whose gait would be an uneven walk, hence hobblty. haha) You should see my little fella laugh and smile with this game. priceless.

Soon to come: Ride a horse to Bambarry Cross

Ride a horse to Bambarry Cross, to see a fine lady upon a fine horse. WIth rings on her fingers and bells on her toes, she will have music where ever she goes! Whee! Whee!!

The adult must cross your legs and place the child sitting on your foot on the crossed leg. Then, the child is bounced during the rhyme, and at the end, is kicked higher in the air. Please do hold your child's hands while playing this game! See the inspiration?? Little Brie with Grandpa Stu Roberts. :-)

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