Wednesday, July 14, 2010

James + Anna Kate

thankfully, James has slept better, so I'm in a better state of mind today- make that I'm not out of my mind today... haha.

Big news of the day: James weighs 17 pds 9 oz! He's now 6 months old as of Tuesday, and 27 inches long. My boy is getting so big. I can't really even believe he's 6 months old; it really blows my mind. His 6 month pictures soon to come.

We were so excited to have a play date today with Anna Kate and her beautiful Momma! These two are only 11 days apart, and we have so much fun when we get together. It really is fun to see these two taking each other in for what seems like the first time. I can't get enough.

Welcome to my humble home. haha

OOHH, they're watching us.... :-)

Precious little boy feet and dainty petite girlie feet!! But seriously, how fun it is that James' feet are like twice the size of Anna K's?? haha, what a boy he is. And lovely little Anna K is the perfection of a sweet girlie girl.

What a push over.

Hey, you stuck your fingers in my face. What was I supposed to do?? haha That cracked her up.

loved it.

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