Thursday, July 15, 2010

6 Months Old!!!

To start off, I thought I had claim to James' cheeks. I was sure they were mine. However, this picture has made me reconsider my claim.

I can't even argue this one. Daddy's boy for sure.

James really enjoys sitting up in the window seat with Roo some days. But really, the caption for this picture should say,

"You say there's a dog sitting next to me? Oh, I hadn't really noticed."

James has just stared to stay up on his hands and knees for any amount of time. Of course, when he first let us put him in that position, he would fall down as soon as he moved! :-) But now, we've moved on to hands, knee, and one foot. I think its too cute, and he just cracks me up.

"On your mark...."

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