Saturday, July 24, 2010

some beach pictures a la Papa

I asked my Dad to take some pictures of James on the beach since he could finally sit up on his own enough to take some cool shots of him in the water. Don't worry, I was close enough by to catch him if, I mean, when he fell. :-)

Here are some favorites.

loving the waves.

My little beach bum. What a beautiful shot.

Love his smiles. Yeah for baby toothless smiles.

The ocean is so calm and peaceful. Next summer he'll be running in the waves himself. man.

I really love this one of my little boy's blue eyes. I was thinking the other day; James is almost a little boy and not a baby anymore. Before I had a baby my self, I never really understood how the change from baby to little child to place. I mean, the obvious happened, but it didn't ever strike me as so drastic. When we moved here from FL, I made new friends whose babies were 9, 10 months old maybe. My first impression was NOT of a baby, but a small child. I mean, they had teeth, not walking yet, but very mobile. They ate real food as far as I could tell and talked some = small child right? Wow, its so weird to me now to think of my baby as a small child. His baby days are almost behind him now and I'm very torn between mourning the loss of the baby and thrilled about the newness of the young child. I thought I'd be sad in so many ways when he stared to get his teeth, but honestly I'm thrilled. Motherhood is so crazy. I don't know my own feelings anymore, haha. My poor husband. :-)

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