Thursday, October 1, 2015


September, you came&went so quickly!  Our month was spent getting getting the hang of the new school routine, going to t ball practice, and playing hard.  I expected the boys to get home from school, especially James, and be tired.  But no!  They come home & play harder than I've seen them play.  It's fun to watch them unwind, get all wrapped up in their play, and enjoy being together.  And quiet time for the 'big boys' has included a little tv time which lets momma lie down.  I am so grateful for our new season, even when it isn't what we expected.

Grammy&Papa invited all the grandkids to the Clemson game over Labor Day weekend, so we packed up & went!  We were so excited to go back up for a game, it had been 10 years for me!  Our car was loaded up with our 3+1, and they all looked so sweet in their Clemson gear!  Thanks Grammy&Papa!!  We hit some traffic/parking trouble, but everybody was a good sport & we had fun time being together in tiger town!

Our Clemson cheering section!  Only they didn't love the cannon fire... which was unfortunate because it was a high scoring game, haha!

The cousins loved being together & their favorite thing to do is play in the creek. :-)

Gotta get cleaned up!  Papa was glad to help.  Love Calvin's little face!!  Thanks for the fun visit; we had a blast!

These two boys love going to school together.  Calvin has started to love going to 'his cwass' to play with his friends.  It is fun for me to watch them enjoying these preschool days together.  I'm so glad our preschool is a familiar place for us this year and has come easy.

Elementary school had a special 'Grandparents Lunch Day', and James was so glad that his Mimi&Grandpa were able to come up!  The boys all loved having play time, taking them to t ball practice, and we even went bowling on our rainy Saturday.  We had a blast; thanks so much for coming up!!

September we saw James loose his second tooth!  He couldn't sleep one night because it was nearly all the way out, so he asked momma to pull it.  He was so excited to get his second dollar from the tooth fairy.

James got a little creative in the kitchen & started making 'desserts' for his grandparents & brothers.  This one was my favorite: Yogurt topped with a Darth Vader cookie, cow dummies, and raisins.

Before we took down our castle decorations, we got some pictures of our brave knight Hayden & his fellow knights.  Mimi made the adorable knight shirts, but with all the fun of the party in the pool, we didn't get our knights to wait for pictures.  Good thing we were slow to take down our castle. ;-)

My second trimester is going well, but I'm tired.  I've caught a cold or two, and one morning when daddy could take James to school, I rested in & Hayden came to help me feel better.  It is so sweet to see my boy take care of his momma.

James & Hayden's game of knights...

The sunshine hits our table & it helps me reflect on how how beautiful some of our moments are - in the same way the beauty of watching my sons run the bases.  One on his way to first, one on his way to home plate, one waiting to run, and one more yet to run.

Here are me & baby boy #4:  21 weeks & counting...

National Park free admission day!  We took our guys to the fort in St. Augustine & loved getting out of the house after being down with colds and fever.  It was a beautiful fun afternoon.

So long September, the snuggles were lovely.  The my goofy boys had some slow mornings... but we are all warming up to some cooler weather & the shortening of the days.

Thank you Lord for getting us used to our new routine.  Thank you for helping us find rest in sickness, find peace in the days that feel chaotic, find hope in your new mercies.  Thank you for memories made with our family, near & far.  Thank you for our baby boy & all he brings.  Thank you for our changing season, help us to draw close to you when we feel the troubles getting big.  Thank you for all the beauty in our lives that we can save & cherish as our boys grow.  Amen.

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