Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Day 20: When I answer the question: how's it going...?

     After walking slowly through this kindergarten journey, I find myself answering the question, "How's it going?"  My immediate answer is, "pretty good I think!?"  My boy comes home most days happy & with stories to tell.  He seems to be shot out of a cannon when we get home; he has so much he wants to play&do&watch&read!  He still has some days where he makes some simple mistakes & has discipline at school, but I don't think he's as discouraged by the 'lessons in discipline' as before.

     As for me, I'm so thankful to see him full of excitement about book fair & telling me about what his friends wanted to play at recess & who was doing what at his table.  I feel sad when he has the hard lessons where he wasn't really to blame, but was still technically breaking a rule.  I'm sure these two emotions of joy & sorrow will continue with me as his school journey continues.  I don't think it's terribly weird to feel the happy/sad highs&lows.  Mine may be influenced by pregnancy hormones.  ;-)

    "How's it going?"  It's going y'all.  I'm glad to have those in my life who have asked & listened to my stories & offered their encouragement.  Thank you.  I'm thankful to send my boy to a school where I have heard great reviews.  I'm adjusting to the reality of not being a peer to my sons teacher, but rather having a tertiary role.  It's going y'all.  Thank you Lord for helping me learn how to walk down this new road.

((So friends, if you've been worried about me or my boy because of what I've written, forgive me.  He's doing just fine & I'm getting there! ;-)  I have written of my struggle in honesty- but the big picture answer is: it's going fine. We'll keep learning as we go!))


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