Monday, October 19, 2015

Day 19: When I stop & pray for my son's teacher...

I know that some problems may feel big- but when put in proper perspective they turn out to be small.  I am so glad to have the chance to focus on what I am grateful for rather than what has been painful for me as a momma.  Here is my simple prayer of thanks for my boy's teacher.

     Lord, thank you for my son's kindergarten teacher.  Thank you for her hard work, for her dedication to her students, and for her presences in his life.  Thank you that she has set up her room thoughtfully & moves through her day with the class with method & order.  Thank you for her impact on his growth as a person, as a student, and as a friend.  Thank you for the hard lessons for my son to learn, and for the easy ones that boost his confidence.  Thank you for her supervision & for allowing her to make the best decisions she can.  Thank you for the long days she works, the inevitable overtime she puts in, and her smile for the students during the day.  Thank you that she seeks to impart in them the skills they need to be successful in navigating all the school rules & environments.

Lord thank you for choosing my son's teacher.  Thank you for placing him at this school, in this classroom.  Thank you that you are sovereign.  Please help us to support his teacher in any ways we can.  Help us to let her know we appreciate her efforts, and help us speak it out to our son.  Thank you for your guidance & wisdom in every new season.  Thank you for making my heart soft towards her, and thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve in her classroom.  Amen.


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