Sunday, October 18, 2015

Day 18: When I owe my son's teacher an apology...

     I have taken a brief step back from writing in this series because I felt really torn about whether or not my son's teacher would be offended if she read these posts.  My first answer was maybe, which is why I decided I should re-evaluate what I'd written.

     I came up with a few key points from my previous posts about what I've said of her so far:  1. She is too hard on my sensitive son.  2.  She makes some judgement calls in discipline without hearing or knowing the whole truth.  3.  She doesn't value boosting self efficacy or enjoyment of school.

     While I feel these main points are fair from my own estimations, I have not talked about them with her.  (which means I could essentially be wrong!)  First,  I have not because I do not want her to feel challenged by my 'discussion of goals' for her students.  Second, because I do not want her to feel that I believe her to be a bad teacher.  If I am honest, I truly do not have any reasons to complain about her, other than our experience has been hard for my son, me, & my husband.  But just because something is hard, even painful, doesn't mean it is bad.  On the contrary, I honestly believe she is doing a fine job, and I did not feel that had come across in the blog thus far.  I hope by the end of the year, that I can appreciate her style & approach more than I have at the beginning, and I hope that if I do my job as a mom, I can achieve my goals for him as well.

     I truly hope that I do not & have not come across as belligerent towards my son's teacher.  If I have, I am sorry & I offer an apology.  Mostly, I desired to work through my own emotions during this time of transition, and I am learning that the lessons here is: me letting go.  It really isn't about his teacher at all.

     I have replaced all the posts because I feel they are valuable, and because they share pieces of my heart on the subject.  I do not wish to cause any trouble for my son in school; it is the LAST thing I would want.  I hope that by sharing my stories, which include many others whom are all valuable people to me, that I do not abuse any of those relationships.  If I have in any way, please forgive me.

Thank you for following along with me in this journey, and I hope to finish out this series in a more positive swing...  The Lord is gracious to me & He is faithful.  I can trust Him & I can let go.



  1. I'm really glad to see this post. I have been trying to follow along & then when I didn't see them anymore, I started wondering. I have been conflicted on whether or not to share my thoughts, but, here goes: I am sure it's very difficult to let go of control, especially for you, when most of the flow of your family and your day to day activities, you control and have for the last 5+ years. I can not relate to your posts as a teacher, but I can sympathize with your role as a parent, and my advice, which comes from a good place, is, do your best to let go a little. Try not to seek the negative in his teacher but encourage the positive of his Kindergarten experience as a whole. I'm sure, it's a little part, growing pains...(maybe you'll be reminding me of the same next year, when Jack starts Kindergarten) But, just try to remember, you were a newbie teacher at one point, and now, you're a veteran parent... Sounds like, it's going to take some tweaking from all parties, to get a positive experience for James. Everyone makes mistakes, everyone has their own way of doing things, and it's really hard to see anything but RED, when it's not the way, you would do I right? Hoping it continues to improve for James, hate to hear about his struggling, but he's a good kid...he'll get through it!

    1. Thanks for your feedback. ;-) I'm doing my best to let go & embrace what is. Thankfully, he's doing better at adapting than me!! Love ya- brie