Wednesday, July 9, 2014

My 4th Stitch Fix, bummer!!

Since my hubs & I celebrated our 8th anniversary this month, I decided it was the perfect time to have another Stitch Fix  to add some great summer pieces to my wardrobe.  I was so excited when it arrived a day early (!!) which was a lovely surprise.  But, unfortunately, there was only one bright spot in my whole fix.

For starters, the presentation from Stitch Fix is usually lovely.   You open the box, its all wrapped up with their cute logo sticker, everything is folded beautifully, (I always tell myself to stop & take my picture right then, but I'm too excited to look at what I've been sent!), and the colors hit me first.  I am not a bright colors girl, but I appreciate adding in the right dose of color.  Both these bright items were racerback (which I don't like because I'm broad shouldered).  The racerback tank was the green stripe with the pretty pink detail, but the fabric was heavy, and the hem was so strange!!  rose up in the middle & long on the sides.  yeah, not me.  The racerback dress was orange stripe (but not Clemson orange mind you, go Tigers) & IT WAS DAMAGED!  Can you believe it?  The Crochet backing was torn from the fabric on the front strap.  It had a strange waist, and the hem was too short.  Both definite no-gos.

Moving on, there was a beautiful pair of brown linen shorts, but they were too big.  Very nice, but I wouldn't keep them.  Next, a LONG SLEEVE (hello we live in FL and it's crazy hot here) blouse that arrived INSIDE OUT.  I kid you not.  It was actually pretty, but there was no way I was going to put it in my closet till November when it finally got cold enough to wear it.  nope.

I saved the best (and only) for last.  A lovely sleeveless blouse in a gray & teal paisley.  Somebody stop me from wearing this everyday.  It's light weight, with a low hem & and even longer on in the back.  Button up detail & lovely fit.  I love it.  It's a keeper!! (thank goodness!)

I never thought I'd get a Stitch Fix that would be easy to decide what to return.  Until Stitch Fix #4.  It took me all of 5 minutes, when it took me days to decide in the past!  Really glad this one was easy on my wallet, and so happy that I got something I love.

I will continue to schedule a Fix for special occasions; it truly is a lot of fun.  Check out my Fix #1 & my Fix #2 & #3.  Please allow me to refer you so you can try it yourself!  Sign up at Stitch Fix.

****Update: I shared my frustration with the customer service & they replied quickly and kindly offered my next fix without a styling fee.  They apologized for the damaged item & offered a discount if I decided to keep it & have it mended.  All in all, they really do have great customer service.  And I will definitely be getting another fix.  After all, my favorite things in my closet right now are all from Stitch Fix!  Thank you for your great service!

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