Monday, March 3, 2014

my 2nd & 3rd Stitch Fix

I wanted to share my 2nd & 3rd Stitch Fix boxes, mostly because I was able to get them because of my girl friends who used my referral link!!  Thank you!!  (Click here to see my 1st Stitch Fix)  It has been fun to share this styling service & it has been so much fun for me.  And, I've found some great new depth to my wardrobe by adding in a few new pieces!

My 2nd Fix is pictured below: The leopard print infinity scarf, the maroon striped top, the black & white chevron skirt, the navy humming birds blouse, and the green skinny jeans.  This was a box that presented a challenge to me!  It all fit, but the skirt & navy blouse weren't a perfect fit.  However, I loved the look of the humming bird print, just loved it.  The trick about keeping all 5 pieces is they give you a discount on the whole box.  The discount is advertised as 25% off, but that is false.  They subtract the 'styling fee' of $20 AND THEN apply the '25%' discount, which actually makes it more accurately a '20%' discount on the cost of the box itself.  I actually emailed a complaint when I saw the total was $5 more than I expected (I know, a whole $5), and they explained how they give the discount.  Don't get me wrong, I still liked the discount- It would have been silly to keep the scarf, the maroon top, & the skinny jeans, but to send back the skirt & humming birds to save $20.  The discount made me keep it all.

I am very happy I did- all of these pieces (with the exception of the skirt due to weather) have been staples in my winter wardrobe this year.  It has been very fun to mix & match these with what I already was wearing!

Such great color, fabric, pattern, & easy style.

My green skinnies & a plain black T - easy look!  Love to throw on my Leopard scarf & my bag, ready!!

My 3rd Fix had two of my new favorites & one fence-sitter & two no-gos.  You see below: black & red striped Maxi skirt (my new love!!), orange button up cartigan, navy & white striped shirt dress (LOVE), bright pink flowy shirt, & poka dot chambray button up (fence sitter).  I fell in love with the skirt & dress on the first try.  decision made.  The orange cartigan fit well, but I don't really love wearing those as a top- I like to layer them.  This one was fitted & not good for layering really, so a no-go.  The bright pink was a nice cut & fit, but had the high-low waist cut.  That makes me alway wear a tank so my tummy doesn't show, which made it a no-go.  also, bright pink??  nah.  The last, the chambray, I WANTED to love so badly.  What I really want is a clean, classic plain chambray that I can mix & match with lots of other pieces.  This one had a cute fit, but just not exactly what I wanted, so I let it go back.  It was a good choice.

I just loved the mix of the gray cable knit & the striped skirt.  Felt so lovely to wear and stylish as well!

This dress- so flattering & a great cut.  It reminds me of how a wrap dress fits, but without the bothersome task of making sure your legs don't show to much skin when sitting!  This dress is button down, so I can nurse easily in it.  Basically it's perfect.  Classic colors & easy to layer as well.  Great find.

Thanks again for letting me refer you!  If anyone else is still interested in trying it out, please feel free to sign up using my link Stitch Fix.  Happy styling!


  1. Looking good! Looks like you got some cute pieces :)

  2. thanks Natassja ;-) Needed a bit of fresh style after 3 babies! love ya.