Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June in Review...

June!  My little june bugs & I spent lots of time doing the normal, everyday.  

dancing to Mr. Roboto
 Little Calvin was promoted to a big boy seat!  What fun for him.

We were able to celebrate our new nephew coming in just a few weeks!!  My beautiful sis-in-law had a lovely baby shower thrown by her dear friends, and I had so much fun.  I cannot wait to hold that little guy in my arms!!

Our kinda day.

water colors in the garage
popsicles in the driveway

playground breaks while mommy shops

My Grandma used to say 'beauti-ful' and this just makes me think of her.  I adore having meaningful pieces in my home, even ones that come from the clearance section can be very special.

an afternoon with Mimi&Grandpa!

Happy happy Father's Day to the best daddy my boys could ever ask for.  I love having a partner who loves our boys as fiercely & as sacrificially as I do.  Our everyday.chaos. can be overwhelming for us both, but we find ways to dig in & lay aside our own desires to meet their needs.  Are we perfect parents?  nope.  I'm sure our boys will be able to make a long list of our flaws when they're older.  But I pray that we can continue to give them our time, energy, love & commitment.  What a blessing to be given 3.little.boys. to call our own!  What a lovely thing to take a day (at the least!) to celebrate Father's Day.

such a 'normal' picture of these boys!

Daddy spent a week out in TX for work, and we just played with friends all week!  Mommy didn't cook extravagantly, and we did a lot of playing together.

my neighborhood crew

baby bro nap time swim

These boys are so silly.  I love seeing them love each other.  It is painful to see them fight, and none of those pictures make it in the album here, but I am choosing these glimpses of joy & love amid the greater portions of frustrations we face.   Thank you Lord for the joy before my eyes.  Thank you for not letting me miss it as the moments pass by so quickly.

Nothing beats the fresh air of an afternoon walk during a day full of chores.

Cookin' something with Charlotte

the best way to watch cartoons

Our welcome home swimming & picnic for Daddy!!

bath time baby giggles

A fun dinner with Grammy one Sunday evening.  How lovely that a short drive to Palatka gives us the chance to spend time together like this!

practicing his letters. so.proud.
 Our friend Eden came over for the day & the boys had such fun having her!

 We were so lucky that my nieces came through Grammy's house & we were able to go visit for the day!  We have missed you girls!!

photo bomb by Grammy!

What a lovely month.  Happy Summer!!

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