Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The best decade of my life.

Our first not-a-date, Valentine's Day 2004 (it was a date)

2014 has been a milestone year for me.  Matt & I met (really met, after working together Summer Camp 2003) at the Winter Conference for Crossroads World Wide in Gatlinburg, TN over MLK weekend January 2004.  We were engaged over that same weekend, at the same conference, January 2006.  I can't believe we have been in each other's lives now for 10 years!!  (does that make me old? ha!)

Valentines weekend, Boiling Springs Coffee shop! 2004

We have the privilege of celebrating 8 years of marriage this year, and I thought I'd round up some old pictures to enjoy walking down memory lane.  My love & my best friend.

I can't help myself.  Prose brothers, 2004

4th of July 2004, Keystone Heights Beach, FL + Mr. Jim Prose & Riley

Gainesville, FL Fall 2004

Mike & Natassja's wedding!! April 30, 2005

Our last Clemson Football game, 2005

My Dad's engagement pictures for us, 2006

Our 1st Anniversary dinner, San Francisco Bay 2007

My my how time does fly!!  What fun to relive some of our memories, tucked away in my photo album. (yes, the glare is because these are pictures of prints, bad bad)  Cheers to us my dear!  What a fun 10 years it has been, and hopefully many more to come.  Thank you Lord for this wonderful gift, this life lived together.


  1. These are great! :) amazing how quickly time flies!

  2. I enjoyed looking at these again! Love seeing how much (&how little) we've changed ;-)