Monday, August 4, 2014

July in Review...

July, oh sweet summer sun.  Matt & I were lucky enough to take some time away to celebrate our 8th anniversary.  We rode our bikes to the beach to just.sit. & relax.  We shopped the antique stores & walked the town.  We haven't been away, just the two of us, since we had a baby moon when we were expecting Hayden.

I loved the time to sit & read & watch the storm roll in off the coast.  We decided it was time to go when the lightening started to pop.


Got to read a memoir on marriage & sleep in & have a beautiful breakfast.  It barely 24 hours away, but it was refreshing.

 Our English Tea.  My husband is an awesome sport.

 Big thanks to Grammy&Papa for watching our 3 kiddos & holding down our fort.  First time away from our sweet baby Cal, but I don't think he minded at all.

Our boys have finally started to enjoy the beach.  Hayden has been scared of the ocean & going to the beach was not the most fun.  Hayden would cry when James would go to swim &  Baby Cal & I would try to keep the peace, but no more.  Hayden loves the ocean.  Calvin loves the ocean.  James loves the ocean.  YAY!

We had a sweet visit from our dear friends the Webbs!  James had so much fun hanging out with his life.long.buddy, Anna Kate.

This July we had lots of days were we did nothing&everything.  We play.  Sharks drive the Jeep around our driveway.  We swim.  We eat & nap.  We watch the Octonauts.

We play guitar.  We paint pictures.  We turn our house upside down with boys toys.  We swim, lots.  and we try to beat the summer heat.

We took out little guys out to see the new Planes movie, which was a small step up from our little 'movie theater' at our house.  Our little guys are getting so big!

James lined all the boys up & I couldn't get enough of seeing them all getting so tall.

We took Hayden for his 3 year well-check & Calvin for his 15 month well-check.  Hayden bug was 39 inches tall (wow) and 36 lbs.  Cal-vy baby was 32.5 in tall & 26.5 lbs (wow he wins biggest boy at 15 months!)

Oh sweet Florida summer, how you've come & gone.

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  1. Yay for adult time! :) The first picture is great. It needs to be hung in the house! :) Time to plan a couple's getaway next time!