Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Mickey's house

We rounded out our FL resident passes right before they expired this year, which sent us the end of May, but boy it was ALREADY.HOT.  ((mental note to self))  We had the fun of having Grammy&Papa go with us, and I think Papa made a good point.  "we live here, we don't have to do this. (come in the HEAT)"  But we braved the heat, made specific stops for indoor attractions, and had a really great time!

The first day we visited the Animal Kingdom, which we hadn't done before as a family.  It was really fun, but it will be easier next time when we have a better idea of where everything is located.  It's funny to me how 'familiar' the Magic Kingdom has become, which makes it less stressful for me when we go (despite the crowds).

We started off in the Dino section after watching Nemo, which was really cool!  The boys got to have dino lunch, dig for dinosaur bones & then ride the flying triceratops with Daddy & Papa.

Papa is so much fun!
Us with the Dog from UP
 My favorite thing in the Animal Kingdom was the Safari ride, which we saw right after the afternoon parade.  James was the sweetest thing at the parades both days, waving to everyone that passed & grinning for ear.to.ear.  What a lovely memory!!

The Safari was really amazing, and we got pretty close to the animals.  We saw the lion walking around (!) and the rhinos actually delayed our ride because they wouldn't move out of the road, haha!

 The hippo showed us his teeth, not because he liked us.  But I liked him anyways.

And the Giraffes were beautiful, so close, and even had a baby we got to see.  There aren't a whole lot of things more beautiful that seeing these kinds of animals up close!  

We made a stop at Mickey's Safari house (because it had AC) to meet Mickey&Minnie!  The boys were a little shy, but it was still sweet.  Calvin loved Minnie's nose!

We also saw a bird show, which was neat.  They had the birds fly over your head of course & we got to see a Bald Eagle, which was awesome!  I tried to explain how big they were to James, but couldn't quite get him to understand.  Visual aid!!  We ended up our day watching the Bug's Life show (AC) but it was a bust.  Our boys were scared, and James even ran out of the show!  :-(  We won't go back to that one for a while I'm sure.  We grabbed dinner at the Rainforest Cafe, which was so beautiful inside! (but so noisy).  In retrospect, food that was convenient was good, but quiet would have been almost more welcome.  (introvert anyone??)

Our second day we went to the Magic Kingdom we got to ride the new Ariel ride (AC), and it was really fun!  Our boys love the Little Mermaid, and had a big kick out of that ride.  We ran into Gaston, and had to stop for a picture because he was so.funny!

"No one says no to Gaston." haha!! 

We saw the Monster's Inc show (AC) which is always funny and a short line.  We rode the Jungle Safari boat, which was fun for the kids, but was kinda silly after doing the real safari ride the day before.  We took the boys on the pirates of the Carribean, and the only trouble we had was James was afraid of the dark.  Matt (quick thinker) got out the flashlight app on his phone & problem solved.  They really did like seeing the pirates!

We headed to lunch at a quiet spot we found in March, and ran into chip & dale on the way.  Daddy & Papa went to order food, and we stayed to get a picture.  Hayden was feeling very shy, whereas James was ready to stand in the middle & hold hands! :-)

But, Hayden just needed my hat.  Then he was ready to grap Dale's nose.  haha!

 We had a lovely lunch, in a quiet little corner.  We headed to the parade & then the train to end our day.  Hayden's one request was the train ride!  Our little guys had such a fun, full time.

 So happy to have Grammy & Papa with us!

 Both of the little guys went right to sleep through the whole parade, and sweated bullets!  Poor little guys.  When Calvin woke up we had icees to share, but we had eated it all when Hayden woke in the line for the train (!!).  Poor guy, all we had was the end of a frappiccino, which I thought was just whip cream and ice.  So we gave it to him to cool him down.  Needless to say, he did fall asleep on the ride home.  The caffine that was there was enough! oi!  But a fun way to spend the day & many memories made!

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